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Creative Pattern Organization

Tip! Storing Those Patterns....

If you're like some of us, you may have collected a few patterns ... maybe more than a few ... a few hundred ... thousand?!  (It's ok. Your secret's safe with us! We completely understand how the collection grows and grows...)!
April 07, 2016 by Rodney Ashton
Machine Embroidery Hoops

Tip! Keep Those Hoops Clean and Happy with Felt Frames!

So many of the things we like to embroider are best "hooped" without actually hooping... towels, sweatshirts, velvets or other fabrics with nap, quilts where hoop marks may show. There are several options for doing this...

April 06, 2016 by Daniel Galyean
Cutting Sewing Pattern

Tip! Saving Money On Machine Embroidery 2

Are you a garment maker? If so then you know good fit is as important as good construction!

What does this have to do with saving money on machine embroidery?!  One of the best ways to get great fit is to make a muslin - a test garment. Make and mark adjustments right onto the muslin fabric!

March 18, 2016 by Daniel Galyean