Are you a garment maker? If so, then you know good fit is as important as good construction!

What does this have to do with saving money on machine embroidery?!  One of the best ways to get great fit is to make a muslin - a test garment. Make and mark adjustments right onto the muslin fabric!

When it fits just right, create your own new "custom" pattern by tracing the muslin pieces and all markings to Swedish Tracing Paper. (You can use the muslin as a pattern, but it can tend to stretch with a lot of handling, and you don't want to lose the perfect shape you just created! We also suggest marking your new pattern with the date instead of a size - which could vary in different places once you've made your adjustments. But a year down the road when you go to use the pattern again, you'll know when it fit, and if your body has changed since!)

Now what to do with all that muslin you just used?

It's perfect for testing embroidery designs! You can cut it to fit different hoops. Trim it up, serge it off, make a stitch sample notebook. You'll save time and money by knowing exactly what your embroidery will look like before stitching the actual project, and by sewing a garment you know will fit!  Muslin comes in differing quality. We carry a better quality muslin, so it's perfect to do double duty for your sewing and embroidery -  eliminating the need for sample stitchout fabric!  Get Swedish Tracing Paper, get sample stitching, and save!

March 18, 2016 by Daniel Galyean