We will be hosting a Special Floriani Event with Trevor Congquergood  June 4th-8th (at 5 different locations).

We invite you to come learn and have fun as they teach embroidery software and the basics of stabilizers and thread. Whether you are a novice or a master, you will learn how to elevate your embroidery and sewing in a new and exciting way!

Click here to register!

About Trevor

Trevor Conquergood of Saskatoon, Canada is considered one of the True Embroidery Masters of our fime. Just like Walter Floriani Jr., Trevor was extremely fortunate to have been born the son of an Embroidery Master.

His father and family lived embroidery. There was never a family meal or funcfion that did not result in a discussion about the Embroidery Process.

Over the past several decades, Trevor has used and taught almost every brand of software, and not just for consumers.

It is not uncommon for companies who have developed a new software to invite Trevor to Europe or Asia to teach their educators how to make the program function and how to teach the features and benefits.

April 23, 2019 by Victoria Okuniewski