Anita's University 102: Embroidery Made Easy II

$ 99.00

Wednesday & Thursday, May 6-7 2020, Moore's of Brea | Friday, May 8 2020, Moore's of Huntington Beach | Saturday, May 9 2020, Moore's of Mission Viejo

Our inaugural class in our Anita's University series, "AU: 101, Embroidery Made Easy", was such a huge hit that we're now offering an expanded curriculum called "Anita's University 102: Embroidery Made Easy II"! If you're intrigued by blanket stitch applique, then you'll definitely want to see how we've modernized the technique while still giving you the heirloom look.

Cutwork and freestanding lace are some other popular embroidery techniques that will also be included in this class! Find out how Anita Goodesign saves you time, fabric, and money with our innovative In the Hoop quilting techniques.

You'll also see how our free motion designs allow you to have an overall quilted design on your entire quilt while creating each individual block effortlessly in the hoop. Our In the Hoop projects are so fun & easy to stitch!

Some of the designs included in the AU: 102 class are zippered bags in the hoop, creating unique cards, and unique kitchen decor. There are sew many designs that our hoop runneth over, and yours will too!

In Anita's University, you'll get to stitch out projects in our hands-on team-sewing environment. You'll get the opportunity to learn tips and tricks for which stabilizers to use from the experts themselves. With our team-sewing environment, you'll get to connect with fellow embroidery enthusiasts and and enjoy a fun day of learning and creating.

Each participant will be able to choose which design they want to sew within a certain technique, which means you'll get to see many different stitch outs - peeking on your classmate's work is encouraged in Anita's University!