Everything Embroidery - Software to Stitches with Trevor Conquergood

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  • How do you recognize if an embroidery design will stitch out well?
  • What type of thread will work best?
  • Should the density of a design be changed, how is that done?
  • What stabilizer is needed for your project?

Join embroidery software master Trevor Conquergood and an embroidery application pro from Floriani for their embroidery lecture and learn the answers to these questions and more.

Now that you have heard what makes a good design that is ready to stitch, it is time to talk about stitching out a quality design on different fabric types. This is what you will learn from the Floriani embroidery expert.

There is so much to share concerning stabilizers, threads and many other valuable aspects of stitching that will give you successful results no matter what your embroidery adventure. 

Huntington Beach
Thursday, September 13th
10am - 5pm
Lunch and chocolate included
Friday, September 14th
Lunch and chocolate included
Lunch and chocolate included